Top 15 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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Dragon Fruit

Botanical Name of Dragon Fruit:

Hylocereus Undatus
Dragon fruits found in abundance in tropical and subtropical region of South America and Asia. Dragon fruits have reddish pink hues with creamy white flash containing black seeds and have lots of nutrients.
how dragon fruit improve helth and sex life
Dragon Fruits
Dragon fruit is also known as Pitaya.

Top 15 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruits
dragon fruit as natural sex booster and health booster

     1.    One average ripen dragon fruit contain about 60 calories with vitamins like Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and also contain many minerals like calcium, phosphorous and iron.
     2.    Dragon fruits are considered as super fruit.
    3.    Dragon fruits contain very low amount of cholesterol so quickly breakdown to give instant energy and health benefits.
    4.    Dragon fruit also improve Heart health by decreasing bad cholesterol as it have monounsaturated fats to make your heart stay healthy.
     5.    Dragon fruits contains high fiber content to improve your digestive system.
    6.    Dragon fruits have high active antioxidants to fight against cancer producing free radicals.
   7.    Dragon fruits also reduces sign of aging as they make your skin tight and healthy.
   8.    Dragon fruits also good to manage your body weight as they have low calories with lots of fibers and minerals and contain about 80% water content like watermelon so act as natural Viagra and also helpful to improve health and sex life.
    9.     Dragon fruit have anti-inflammatory properties so it suppresses arthritis by reducing joints pain and sometimes also known as anti-inflammatory fruit.
   10.  Dragon fruit boost immunity as it have lots of phytonutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals.
Dragon fruit have properties which make it natural viagra to improve your sex life and health life
Dragon Fruits on Fruits Shop
    11.     Dragon fruit is also useful for type 2 diabetes persons.
    12.     As dragon fruit contain vitamin B so it improves nervous system.
   13.      Dragon fruit also helpful to fight against respiratory disorders like asthma.
   14.    As dragon fruits have large amount of calcium and phosphorous so it helps to solve tooth problems.
   15.    Dragon fruit contains beta-carotene so it improves Eye health like carrots.

   Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit and How to Eat Dragon Fruit

    This video shows you how to eat dragon fruit and many health benefits of eating Dragon Fruits. 

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