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What is Clickworker ?

Clickworker  is a website where you work for completing small tasks and they pay for your work. Work that i do on clickworker includes small surveys, address varification of sites, queries identification, business sites information varification etc. These all tasks are very small, on average one can perform a task in 40 seconds to 1 min.

What countries persons does Clickworker hire ?

Clickworker hires persons from around the world. But in order to qualify for the job at Clickworker person (you) must have one of the following facility in your country, i.e. You have...........
  • valid PayPal account so you can accept your payment via PayPal, and/or
  • a bank account in the SEPA country.

How does Clickworker pay, and how often do it pay ?

Clickworker pays their employes by PayPal or if employe live outside the US, he/she can request his payment to his/her SEPA bank account.  If he/she have PayPal account and choose this option for payment, He/She will be paid once in a week. If he/she choose to get his/her payment in his/her bank account, he/she will be paid on 7 or 8 day of month for the work he/she completed in previous month.

Is I need to qualify for different projects on Clickworker ? 

Clickworker has some base assessments. You have to qualify these base assessments to start work. Generally every project have a guideline and a test so you have to read the guideline first and then qualify test then do your work.

How to get started at Clickworker ?

Just sign up! here for free. Or click here and enjoy in "making money"

How to get started Clickworker Video

View this video about clickworker to start earning money from Clickworker

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